I am an independent attorney-at-law specialising particularly in civil law and criminal law. Within civil law, I deal primarily with litigations (i.e. legal representation in civil disputes), contracts, and real estate, while within criminal law, I deal with the defence of natural and legal persons as well as the representation of injured persons in the criminal proceedings. Nevertheless, I also provide legal services in the areas of labour law, administrative law, constitutional law, as well as international law. Being one of a few attorneys-at-law in the Czech Republic, I specialise in Swiss law.

I graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in the Czech Republic where I achieved a Juris Doctor degree (JUDr.). Furthermore, I also graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich in Switzerland where I achieved a Master of Laws degree (MLaw).

I have been engaged in advocacy since 2015 as I started to work in a Prague subsidiary of the international law firm Noerr (Germany). At this place, I gained my first valuable experience concerning, not only, legal services provided in foreign languages. Following that, I worked in a leading Czech law firm Brož & Sokol & Novák where I dealt particularly with disputes, i.e. representation in the civil proceedings, criminal defence, etc. In 2021, I passed the bar exam, set up my law firm, and started to practise advocacy on my own.

I provide legal services in Czech, English, German and Polish – I also communicate in French and Russian.

Thus, I am able to provide my clients with comprehensive legal services comprising, regarding my language skills, representation in cross-border disputes, drafting legal documentation in a foreign language, legal services in a foreign language etc.