Civil Law

Civil law is the broadest area of law that governs day-to-day matters. It includes the preparation and drafting of contracts as well as disputes arising from contracts, disputes over the right to property, damages, transfers of immovables, etc. 

Criminal Law

Criminal law is a so-called ultima ratio area of law. This means that the criminal law institutes should be applied only in the most serious cases. In case you are charged with a crime or, the other way around, or when a damage has been caused to you by a crime, do not hesitate to contact me.

Administrative Law

The administrative law includes a lot of legal subareas that are characterised by dealing with administrative bodies, i.e. offices. I provide my clients with the legal representation in misdemeanour proceedings including traffic offences, as well as in any other administrative proceedings.

Constitutional and International Law

Regarding the area of constitutional law, I provide my clients most often with the preparation of a constitutional complaint as well as the legal representation in front of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. It is essential to have in mind that the Constitutional Court considers solely a violation of constitutional rights (basic human rights) in the previous proceedings, not the facts of a case. Therefore, it is necessary to analyse whether some constitutional right could have been breached before I can advise to submit a constitutional complaint.

Swiss Law

Being one of a few Czech attorneys with this area of concern, I focus on the Swiss law that I studied at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Therefore, I provide legal consultancy in the area of Swiss law, I also provide legal services to Swiss citizens in the area of the Czech law as I am able to point out and clarify relevant differences between the Czech and Swiss law.