The amount of my remuneration is always the result of a mutual agreement between my client and myself. The amount of the remuneration can be agreed based upon several criteria:
Hourly remuneration
An hourly rate is the most frequent criteria. The undisputable advance is the clarity – every month, a client obtains a list of provided legal services with the details of the real amount of time spent. The hourly rate is arranged individually and with regard to the difficulty of the case. However, in order to have at least an idea about the prices of my services, it can be noted that my indicative hourly rate is in the amount of CZK 2,500 – 3,500.

Ratio fee (Contingent fee)

V některých případech jsem ochoten ujednat odměnu podílovou. V takovém případě mou odměnu typicky představuje procentuální podíl z celkově vysouzené částky. Možné je i kombinovat odměnu podílovou a hodinovou.

Statutory remuneration

The statutory remuneration is a fixed fee for every provided act of the legal service (e.g. a draft of a contract, a participation in a court hearing up to 2 hours, etc.). The amount of the statutory remuneration depends on the value of the legal service and is governed by the attorney tariff, i.e. the regulation of the Ministry of Justice Nr. 177/1996 Coll.

Monthly fee

The monthly fee is suitable for clients who need legal services regularly. The monthly fee is paid in an arranged amount every month regardless of the amount of legal services provided.