Regarding the area of constitutional law, I provide my clients most often with the preparation of a constitutional complaint as well as the legal representation in front of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. It is essential to have in mind that the Constitutional Court considers solely a violation of constitutional rights (basic human rights) in the previous proceedings, not the facts of a case. Therefore, it is necessary to analyse whether some constitutional right could have been breached before I can advise to submit a constitutional complaint.

Within the international law, I provide my clients with the preparation of the complaint to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the legal representation in front of this court. Furthermore, I provide legal services that concern legal relations containing a cross-border element. With my language skills, I am able to provide legal services to foreigners as well as to represent my clients in disputes with a foreigner, to represent in litigations arising from contracts that have been written in a foreign language, etc. I am also able to draft contracts in a foreign language. Except for Czech, I provide legal services in following languages:

  • English,
  • German,
  • Polish. 

I also have knowledge of French and Russian.